Web Design, Redesign & Development

We create beautiful websites from scratch for new businesses and redesign outdated websites, according to the customer needs. Stunning graphics and eye-catching website designs that spell out classiness and elegance are born in the hands of our expert employees. The versatility in creativity and innovation, leading to simple yet sophisticated designs, are our specialty. Our website designing crew is highly creative and agile at work. Aesthetic perfection and technological enhancement blends into the task, equipping your website for the ever rising IT boom. Forever ready to make use of the latest and most advanced tools and software for perfection, our teams work with honesty and agility. The promotion of your business through the wide Internet marketplace is the prime concern for us. The designs that are created here, stays strictly within the customer needs.

The latest web designing tools like Web 2.0 are used at Orchid Blues. Unique and outstanding web designs can help our customers generate more revenue from their business. Ideas can be changed into reality using our team's creativity and knowledge of Internet standards and practices. Simple and attractive business-oriented websites are created by our experienced, professional team of web designers. Usability and professionalism reflects clearly on the final product that we provide you with.

Our proficient team is well capable of designing quality websites based on XML, Flash, HTML, CSS, and XHTML, Web 2.0 standards, ASP.NET, php.net, AJAX, JavaScript and more.Orchid Blues focuses on all the aspects of managing a web project involving Web Design and Development life-cycle that follows the ISO Standards. Our technical goal is to provide a powerful Web-Based solution using n-tier architecture to our customers to face today's emerging Internet scenario. Our web design and development services are implemented taking into consideration Search Engine positioning and placements. We do recommend our clients the best web hosting services according to their web structure needs.

Our other services include:
  • General web design, web development and website redesign
  • E-commerce and online stores
  • Custom web programming development
  • W3C Validation & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Content writing and keyword management
  • Link building
  • Web hosting

We are fluent in the majority of web programming languages, and we hand code all parts of a website according to the web standards to ensure the best quality output and to incorporate our effective Search Engine Optimization techniques. Here is a complete list of our skills:

  • HTML & HTML5
  • CSS2 & CSS3
  • JavaScript & jQuery
  • PHP & MySQL
  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Photoshop, Illustrator

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Domain Registration & Web Hosting

Web Hosting:
Publishing a website so that it is available via the Internet, is what web hosting is defined as. Quality web hosting, web development and maintenance are provided to the customer at Orchid Blues. This involves registering a domain name of the preferred choice, providing the sufficient web space and also the bandwidth for publishing and transmission of data concerning your business.

Through excellent Search Engine Optimization techniques, we make sure that your business website is invariably viewed by the targeted users, through the major Search Engines like Google, Yahoo!, MSN, Excite etc. We associate with Aplus.net, one of the leading web space providers of North America with our Linux web server supported by 24hours/365 day's customer service. Schemes with different options such as minimal space with maximum exposure etc are available. Tailor made websites are our specialty and we are proud of it. Web hosting is not merely sideshow to us; our service is reliable and reasonable, customer integrity is the keyword of our endeavors.

Domain Registration:
A domain name is a sequence of letters and numbers, which determine the address of a website. A domain name has to be registered before the website can be available in the web, at that particular address. There is no need to worry even if the website cannot be created soon as you register the domain name. If Domain parking is a very convenient option that lets you reserve a domain name forever. Selection of the most effective domain names can cause a significant difference in the success of a business.

Orchid Blues support the sustenance of your website on the World Wide Web through and through.

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The fundamentals of commerce remain indifferent to the growth of technology. We attempt to function on or near the cutting edge of technology to support an organization with sufficient alertness and agility to respond to sudden and unexpected changes in the economic, social and physical environment. We let customers help themselves through self-serve sites that are easy to use without the need of assistance.

E-Commerce Solutions we provide:

  • Shopping Cart Solutions
  • Payment Gateway Solutions
  • Product Catalog Design

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Learning Management System

Online learning has become synonymous with academic education in this digital age. Orchid Blues (Calana LMS) gives you an effective way to create dynamic and simple academic and corporate training courses that can be easily accessed anywhere, anytime online. Our e-learning content is the perfect solution for anyone who needs to explain instructions to a large number of people. It's also ideal for organizations wanting to use information technology to convert their content into a format that's more interesting, intuitive and practical. E-learning can be effectively used to cater to unique learning styles, promote self-paced learning, and supplement or replace instructor-led training.

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Content Management System

Content Management System (CMS) enables the website/ administrator or any authorized person to add, delete and update website content, pages and images on the website. A CMS driven website enables you to update your existing website. There is no requirement of technical knowledge or programming skills as it can be manual or computer-based. Our skillful professional web development experts will hand over to you the management of your website, so that you can update your website when needed. PHP programming with MySQL database is used to deliver a cost-effective web solution for your business. Orchid Blues provides Web based Content Management Solutions that helps businesses to manage their information efficiently by publishing information in a digital format.

We offer various types of Content Management Solutions:

  • Web Content Management Systems - CMS
  • Document Management Solutions
  • Knowledge Management Solutions

Easy customization according to the ever changing requirements of the organization is one of the most distinct features of your web solutions.

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Search Engine Optimization

Orchid Blues provides the best and affordable SEO services with proper Search Engine Optimization strategy, plans and suggestions for high positioning of the customers' business on famous search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN, Excite, Aol, Ask, AltaVista Etc. The company is ranked higher on the Search Engine result pages, if the pages are SEO friendly and optimized in the most efficient way. Our team comprises of vibrant young SEO professionals, consultants and developers. Each of our resource has a passion to excel and surpass our customer's expectation. Many websites often fail to be updated on time and some even fail to undergo any change after the initial stage. We offer the service of our Web Team to rejuvenate and keep your site updated on a daily basis, and divert traffic to the website through the prominent search engines.

Our SEO Services includes:

  • SEO Friendly Web design and Development
  • Keyword Research
  • Search Engine Compatibility analysis
  • HTML Code Refining
  • Content Analysis
  • Site Structure Analysis
  • Website Competitive Analysis
  • Meta Tags Optimization
  • Advanced Link Building
  • Directory Submission
  • Analytics

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Shopping Cart

What is a shopping cart?
Sales through Internet have proven to be one of the best business strategies ever. If a customer wants to purchase more than one item, shopping cart software needs to be integrated into the website so that they can:

  • Browse items
  • Make multiple selections
  • See shipping, taxes, and any other costs upfront

We are amongst the leading online shopping cart service providers in India. An online E-commerce shopping cart service is mandatory if you are having an e-commerce website. An online store is the best and effective option for selling different products of different categories through your website. It is necessary to have an online shopping cart in a website that sells products. Orchid Blues is the best Online Ecommerce Cart Service for your secured and perfectly managed website. Our organization is known for the best service provider for your online business at affordable prices.

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Brochure / Catalogs Design

Brochures and catalogs are very important in the promotion of a business. Simple designs that speak out for themselves, prove to be the best brochures, rather than crowded and brightly colored ones. We design clutter-free and elegant brochures and catalogs that list your products and services in the most effective and efficient way.

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CD Presentation / 2D.3D

We take up graphic designing for web related and non-web related works. Our experts are proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Dreamweaver and JavaScript. Your ideas are incorporated into every single work that we do.

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Digital Marketing

Online/Internet marketing is the most effective marketing method in today's digital times. We offer very competitive and affordable rates for web marketing and assure you that your products and business are highlighted to the targeted client. A mass e-mailing system has been developed by our team, for different categories of clients, enabling you to communicate your message or program to an ever rising number of viewers. Advertising worldwide and internet are the best options to spread the good word about your business. Our winning strategy is to invoke response and invite business. We are enabling establishment at a comparatively low cost. You can make use of our cyber establishments to speed up the advertisements and thereby increasing the views and visits to your website and products. We own and host a large number of websites, visited by tens of thousands of viewers every hour. These sites can be used for the promotion of businesses and our clients' requirements. The launching of a product, organizations and business package can be advertised through our websites.

Orchid Blues is a concern with versatile business promotion programs, advertising are one among them. To promote your enterprise, we make ads elevated in technique and presentation, delivering strong messages in a clear-cut manner. To improve the public relations of an organization, we adopt unique methods capable of inviting mass appeal.

All our services are conforming and comparable to the global standards in the ever evolving cyber world. Various web sites under orchidblues.com provide new experiences designed to develop entrepreneur's marketing abilities, as well as their social standards.

In doing so, Orchid Blues is equipping its clients with those skills, insights, attitudes and practical experiences, which will enable them to become well-rounded and astute firms. We encourage entrepreneurs with creative and innovative e-marketing techniques with robust enthusiasm.
Your options, your concerns and your future, are all right before you.
Orchid Blues has been producing big results and fulfilling big and small dreams, one of a kind that creates a community of onlookers and a family of surfers that stay loyal with you. We are proudly empowered by amazing professionalism, real-world experiences and a truly motivated supporting team backed by more than a hundred websites. Do make sure to glance at our websites that have made their names in the Internet. We strive to make you proud!

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