Who we are

Technology has taken over the world in a scale that is immeasurable. Information Technology has become the steel spine that holds the existence of almost anything one can think of. We are the experts you can call upon to incorporate IT into your business, opening the doors to success and several opportunities. Providing you with the best web solutions at the most affordable rates in the industry, we compete to be better than the rest.

At Orchid Blues Media Network, we hold prime focus on the development of IT infrastructure and the efficient application of it in a variety of business enterprises. As professionals and providers of excellent web solution services, we aim to carry a major role in the media and the cyber world.

We proudly present our strong team, a melange consisting of Media Communication Experts, Web Developers, Programmers, Graphic Designers and IT consultants, armed with qualifications and experience that are the best in this scene. Web marketing, one of the most important tools in any business, advertising, Internet technology, and web-designing and developing, we consider every possible option for your business to bloom.

Long term relations that are build on complete and strong trust; Orchid Blues Media survives on that. Hence we have been given the challenges to work for clients all across the continents. We put our emphasis on customer support and satisfaction, along with the provision of the highest quality services. Our functions may be prioritized as E-Commerce, Internet Solutions, IT Consultancy, Internet Advertising, Web Marketing, Web Hosting, Web Designing, Website Management, Advertising, Graphic designing and Animation.


Our state-of-the-art infrastructure is focused on providing the utmost reliability and security for our employees and our databases. The firm has comfortable cabins that are fully air conditioned for the comfort of both the employees and our customers, accommodating them in a friendly and relaxed work environment. Powerful backup systems support our minimum data loss policy. Technicians and experts are always at hand in case of possible hindrance in the work-flow. The zeal to administer the topmost service to our global and local customers equally, keeps us going, through all sorts of challenges.

Mission & Vision

Orchid Blues Media Network abides on the mission of providing the customers with exemplary services to assimilate their business and Information Technology. Our growth in the years and the amount of experience that has accumulated over the decades has brought us a shining name in the industry of IT. We strive towards the vision of evolving into one of the best IT service providers in the competitive arena.